The materials on the pages referenced below are designed to assist UNC Greensboro employees in the negotiation and review of contracts.  They are based on contracting guidelines from the NC Attorney General’s office, State purchasing and contracting rules, and UNC Greensboro policies.


UNC Greensboro Contract Approval Process.  This document provides resources and guidelines for any University employee who has the authority to bind the University by signing contracts.

UNC Greensboro Contract Checklist.  This checklist applies to contracts for the purchase of goods or services and for agreements under which goods or services (but not real estate) are donated to UNC Greensboro. Parts of the checklist also apply to agreements under which UNC Greensboro provides goods or services to another party, and to non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements.  It has not been designed to apply to sponsored program agreements, construction and design services contracts, real property transactions, or employment contracts (other than independent contractors).

Prohibited Contract Clauses. Provides explanations as to why certain clauses are prohibited in contracts executed by state agencies in North Carolina, including the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Negotiating Prohibited Clauses and Alternative Contract Clauses.  Explains limitations placed on UNC Greensboro’s ability to accept certain provisions in contracts, and provides examples of such clauses and language that can be used in negotiating these provisions out of contracts.

Contract Advisory.  Allows individuals with signature authority to assume the risk of accepting contract provisions that are normally unacceptable to UNC Greensboro, with the understanding that any resulting damages or costs would be paid from the department’s budget.