Academic Affairs and Employment Group

Primary Attorney: Kristen Bonatz; Attorneys: Toni Douglas, Enyonam Williams

Primary Clients: Provost; Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources

  • Equal Opportunity/EEOC
  • Political Activities
  • Faculty Tenure, Promotion and Grievances
  • Employment Contracts (including Head Coaches’ Agreements)
  • State Human Resources Act Employment Matters (subject and exempt)
  • Workers Compensation
  • Immigration in Employment
  • Constitutional Law/First Amendment Issues
  • Affiliation/Internship Agreements

Athletics Group

Primary Attorney: Jerry Blakemore; Attorneys: Kristen Bonatz

Primary Client: Athletics Director

  • Athletics
  • NCAA Compliance

Research, Technology and Business Transactions Group

Primary Attorney: Enyonam Williams; Attorneys: Toni Douglas

Primary Clients: Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development; Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs; Vice Chancellor for Information Technology Services

  • Sponsored Research / Grants
  • Fee for Service
  • Research
  • Technology Transfer/Innovation Partnerships
  • Outside Activities for Pay
  • Conflict of Interest and Commitment
  • Intellectual Property
  • Confidentiality/Nondisclosure Agreements
  • Contracts, Agreements, Memorandums of Understanding
  • Information Technology Services
  • Associated Entities
  • Advancement/Fundraising

Real Property Group

Primary Attorney: Toni Douglas; Attorneys: Enyonam Williams

Primary Clients: Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs

  • Capital Projects
  • Facilities
  • Leasing
  • Real Estate
  • Umstead Act

Governance, Policy, Compliance and Risk Management Group

Primary Attorney: Jerry Blakemore; Attorneys/Staff: Kristen Bonatz; Carolyn Coppedge

Primary Clients: Chancellor; Chief of Staff; Provost; Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs

  • Board of Trustees
  • Policy Development and Implementation. (Note: Policy Review should be dependent on substantive expertise and assigned accordingly)
  • Legislation
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance
  • Open Meetings
  • Ethics
  • Alcohol Requests*

Student Affairs and Public Safety

Primary Attorney: Toni Douglas; Attorneys/Staff: Kristen Bonatz, Enyonam Williams, Carolyn Coppedge

Primary Clients: Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs; Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management; Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs

  • Enrollment Management (Registrar, FERPA, Financial Aid, Scholarships)
  • International Programs
  • Student Affairs (Student Conduct, Title IX)
  • Graduate School
  • Civil Rights (Office of Civil Rights, Student Freedom of Expression)
  • Constitutional Law/First Amendment Issues
  • Academic Integrity
  • Technical Standards
  • Threat Assessment
  • Campus Safety & Emergency Management
  • Affiliation/Internship Agreements

Litigation and Records Management

Primary Attorney: Jerry Blakemore;  Attorneys/Staff: Kristen Bonatz, Enyonam Williams, Julie Allen

  • Litigation
  • Media Relations and Public Records Requests **
  • Tort Claims**

Professional Administrative Support

* Carolyn Coppedge reports directly to the General Counsel as the Business Officer and Assistant to Legal Counsel and provides support for the General Counsel and attorneys. Additionally, Carolyn supports Board of Trustees members regarding compliance with the State Ethics Act as well as supporting the Compliance, Audit, Risk Management and Legal Affairs Committee (CARL) of the Board of Trustees.  She is also responsible for the review of alcohol requests (temporarily), office budget and management, scheduling and general administrative support. Carolyn is the primary contact for affiliation agreements and alcohol requests.

Public Records Requests

**Julie Allen reports to Deputy General Counsel Kristen Bonatz as the office’s paralegal.  She provides paralegal support to all the attorneys in the office. Julie is the primary contact for public records requests and tort claims. Please send all public records requests to